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Born 1985

Angie Rehnberg (Poynter) is a full time painter residing in her home city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She spent her adolescent years in the beautiful mountain regions of Taos and Angel Fire and proceeded to live in Santa Fe for several years while pursuing her academic studies and professional art career.  She graduated from the College of Santa Fe with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2007 and studied a broad range of disciplines including: studio arts, art history, creative writing, psychology, philosophy, and mythology.  Her paintings have been included in a wide array of exhibitions since the age of fifteen and her work has been featured in numerous publications.

Professionally she has also worked at galleries in Taos, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque as a director and exhibition specialist for both local and national art fairs including shows such as SOFA Chicago, Art San Diego, and Palm Springs Modernism. She has also collaboratively curated many successful art exhibitions as one of the founders of the Pop-Up Collective, a local Albuquerque group focused on creating exceptional one-night-only art events.

Effecting 1 in every 100,000 births, she was born with a genetic mutation called Holt-Oram-Syndrome which disrupted the development of her heart, hands, and upper limbs. Having been born with a rare birth defect that caused a hole in her heart and impacted the muscle and bone structure of her hands/arms, she feels that this “difference” is one of the primary reasons she gravitated towards a creative path. At a young age her parents encouraged drawing and illustration as a means to improve dexterity.  By learning to cope and utilize art to help overcome physical difficulties early on, she realizes her circumstance is a gift rather than a limitation and feels this aspect of her life helped lead her to the practice of art.

She has traveled extensively around the world having visited 27 different countries by the age of 32. As a globetrotter and versatile multi-disciplinary artist, her work is often stimulated by her personal and emotional experiences with people, places, and nature. For the same reasons she likes to travel, she constantly explores new content and imagery.  She often works on an extensive series, then moves on to a new idea when her inspiration shifts. She views herself as an “explorer of emotion and technique” and thrives on experimenting with the notion that medium influences the creative approach and process.  Over the years, she has explored many different painting mediums and subject matter ranging from: semi-realistic representational figurative works, stylized urban and natural landscapes, and contemporary animal portraits. She paints on numerous traditional surfaces and depending on the project/series she uses anything from: ink, watercolor, oil, acrylic, gouache, or even spray paint to create her compositions.

Her most current body of work has been inspired by becoming a new Mom in February of 2017. This latest painting series depicts light-hearted images of animals juxtaposed to geometric forms and is geared toward early childhood development and learning. Since her daughter was born she has been driven to create work that is fun-spirited and appealing to both children and adults that also provokes a sense of childlike wonderment and awe. With much pain and suffering in the world's current state of affairs involving natural disasters, political drama, and lack of human compassion she currently feels the need to paint images that evoke a positive, enjoyable, loving atmosphere while embarking on this new journey of motherhood.


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